Parenting support

Organization of a childcare service to facilitate participation in certain events


Because it's not always easy, as a young researcher, to take part in evening activities when you're a parent, ULiège's Communications Department has set up a childcare service for two recent events: FNRS Day and the Thesis Doctor Honoring Ceremony.

This initiative is part of the parenting support action plan of the ULiège Gender and Equality Council and the institutional policy to improve well-being.

Rather unusual within a university, this action organized by the events unit of the communications department required the fitting-out of a classroom for the occasion. The CEREKI, ULiège structure specialized in motor skills and activities for toddlers, was in charge of looking after and occupying the children aged 2 and a half and over. A ONE-approved nursery nurse looked after babies under 30 months.


This initiative was greatly appreciated by young and old alike, and is sure to be repeated in the future!

Measures proposed by the ULiège Gender and Equality Council to support parenthood:

  • Implementation of a structural crèche and day-care solution for the university community
  • Staff leave related to parenthood or caregiving
  • Introduction of a status for (future) parent students
  • Systematic replacement in the event of maternity or parental leave
  • Automatic extension of research contracts in the event of maternity leave
  • Better information for department heads on the rights - and physical, biological and chemical risks - associated with maternity and breastfeeding.
  • Limiting meeting times to facilitate family life.
  • Implementation of actions to stimulate a change in mentality, with greater flexibility, more trust and less stigmatization of parenthood
  • Promoting equal sharing of childcare responsibilities.
  • Systematic provision of breastfeeding facilities in university buildings
  • Facilitate access to comprehensive information for parents and future parents on procedures, risks, rights, facilities, etc.
  • Setting up a baby-sitting contact platform
  • Information on different types of leave or reduced working hours to care for a sick parent or child.
Photos : Julie Louis - ULiège

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