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Waste management at ULiège: new sorting garbage cans at 20-Août

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The University of Liège aims to reduce its waste production and improve its selective collection. To this end, and in response to growing demand for environmentally-friendly practices, new sorting garbage cans have been installed in the 20-Août buildings.

Paper waste is to be placed in the yellow container, PMC (plastics-metal-cardboard) in the blue container and all-purpose/household waste in the black container. This intuitive, color-coded system is soon to be extended to other University buildings, cafeterias and canteens, with the addition of bio-waste collection.

With appropriate sorting, the recycling rate is multiplied by 3

At the University of Liège, more than 20 recycling channels are organized, covering a wide range of waste, from residual waste to hazardous waste and waste collected on request (bulky waste, wood, metals, etc.).

The Université de Liège has a number of initiatives aimed at reducing waste and encouraging its reuse: water fountains to encourage the use of water bottles rather than single-use plastic bottles, the fight against food waste, the reuse of furniture in good condition, the provision of book trees, the creation of a Repair Café, the shredding of green waste and its spreading on site, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about waste management at ULiège, please consult the Administration des Ressources Immobilières (ARI) intranet.


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