Sustainable Development Council


The Sustainable Development Council (SDC) is in charge of advising the academic authorities in the elaboration and implementation of an environmental and social transition strategy for the University of Liege. It is mainly composed of experts in one or more fields of sustainable development.

The Council has an Executive Office that ensures the coordination of the administrations in the operationalization of the strategy of the Institution and supervises the Institutional Unit for Sustainable Development (IUSD) and the Green Office (GO).



Sybille MERTENS, Advisor to the Rector on Environmental and Social Transition


Pierre DUYSINX, Vice-Rector for Mobility and International Affairs

Frédéric SCHOENAERS, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Life

Rudi CLOOTS, Advisor to the Rector on Infrastructure

Félix SCHOLTES, Advisor to the Rector on Digital Sobriety

Anne GIRIN, Administrator

Quanah ZIMMERMAN, Communication Director

Valentine BERNAERTS, Student Representative

Sophie BLAIN, Sustainability Officer

Cécile VAN DE WEERDT, Green Office Coordinator

Catherine VANDELEENE, Institutional support unit

Christophe BREUER, Institutional support unit


Philippe ANDRÉ, faculty of Sciences

Nicolas ANTOINE-MOUSSIAUX, faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Roman AYDOGDU, faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology

Véronique BEAUVOIS, Representative of the administrative, technical and labour staff

Rachel BRAHY, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme

Sébastien BRUNET, faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology

Florence CAEYMAEX, Advisor to the Rector on Ethics and Equality Policies

Mario COOLS, school of Engineering

Luc COURARD, school of Engineering

Nathalie CRUTZEN, HEC Management School ULiège

Jean DANIS, External Representative

Benoît DARDENNE, faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy and Education Sciences

Aurore DEGRÉ, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Jean-François DELIÈGE, faculty of Sciences

Frédéric DUFAYS, HEC Management School ULiège

Damien ERNST, school of Engineering

Xavier FETTWEIS, faculty of Sciences

Henry-Jean GATHON, HEC Management School ULiège

Michèle GUILLAUME, faculty of Medicine

Éric HAUBRUGE, Advisor to the Rector on Innovation and Regional Relations

Catherine HENRIST, faculty of Sciences

Marie LAMBERT, HEC Management School ULiège

Angélique LÉONARD, school of Engineering

Bernard LONGDOZ, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Grégory MAHY, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Kévin MARÉCHAL, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Julie NEUWELS, faculty of Architecture

Pierre OZER, faculty of Sciences

Julien PIERON, faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Sigrid REITER, school of Engineering

Pierre STASSART, faculty of Sciences

Didier VRANCKEN, faculty of Social Sciences

Virginie XHAUFLAIR, HEC Management School ULiège

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The preparatory documents of the SDC meetings are only accessible to its members via a specific procedure.

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Coordination of the Institutional Unit for Sustainable Development

Christophe BREUER & Catherine VANDELEENE


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